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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Naps and Corners

After having episodes of Kristina waking up in the middle of the night and NOT going back to sleep, we cut our her nap during the day. Problem solved. I thought that doing the same with Keith would help with his bedtime routine - and it did. Problem solved. Although I'm happy that they go down to bed MUCH easier at night - I miss my 2 hour break during the day! ;o)

While Uncle Yury was here for Christmas, he spoke to Kristina and Keith in Russian which was great. He asked some questions to Kristina and we found out some vital things. For example, she KNOWS that I am her Mama and that Tyler is her Daddy. She is happy. She is afraid of the dark - it's SO HELPFUL to know that - now we leave a light on in her room at night. The tooth she is missing was knocked out in Ukraine - we were wondering...and then discipline. Yury sent Kristina to the corner for disobeying. He said that in Ukraine sending the children to the corner is their main form of discipline. We have been sending her there since then when she disobeys.

Not to worry - we follow it up with a big hug and kiss and "Mama lubit (loves) Kristina". :o)


Shea said...

Wow, it must really have been helpful to have him there to translate!!!

Melisa said...

What a blessing to have Yury there! Great job figuring out the naps/bedtime thing. I fear Calet's naps are done now that the crib is now a toddler bed. I'm crying of the loss...