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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Traditions, part fourteen

When I wrote "Traditions, part one", I had no idea how many I would do. I originally thought that I would do 10 or 12 - like the Twelve days of Christmas, etc. However, I keep finding more and more traditions, so I keep jotting them down. For this post - I would like to hear about any traditions that you do at this time of year that I haven't talked about yet. Perhaps I'm missing out on a great tradition that you have!

New Christmas attire: When I was growing up my grandma would buy new Christmas clothes for my siblings and I to wear to church AND to go see The Nutcracker Ballet. I looked forward to that new dress each year. I am striving to do the same for my kids. Take a look at these cuties!




And the best part about these adorable clothes - other than the adorable children wearing them, of course - One was from the thrift store, one was given to me, and one was from a garage sale! It's possible to dress cute for less! Merry Christmas!


Sarah C said...

Your children look beautiful in their Christmas outfits. Thanks for coming over last night. Have a great week with your sister. Merry Christmas!

Dianah said...

Your kids look so cute. They are ready for Christmas. The only other tradition that my little family does is that we go take a family photo every year at the temple. Its great to see how we have changed in the past 3 years. Merry Christmas!

nicole said...

Awww! Cute pictures! I love their gorgeous outfits... and nice work being frugal! One of our traditions... my very favorite... is singing at the nursing home at Christmas time. It is such a wonderful way to share our talents with others and bring a little Christmas joy to those who might be lonely or depressed during this season. I hope to continue the tradition with my own family too.