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Friday, December 05, 2008

Traditions, part one

When Tyler married me, he commented on how many traditions I seemed to have. I love traditions, especially traditions concerning the holidays. My dad mentioned to me the idea of Saint Nicholas Day which they celebrate in Germany (where he served his mission). I liked the idea of celebrating on December 6th - since it's early in the month! The idea is that you put your shoes on the porch and Saint Nicholas comes by with little toys & treats for the kids.

The shoes outside waiting for St. Nick.

After Saint Nick brought his goodies by. Anna was ecstatic. Kristina knew something was going on - but wasn't sure what, exactly. Keith was on the couch just lounging - but enjoyed the toy that St. Nick brought him.

Anna's loot.

Kristina's loot

Keith's loot
Anna modeling her reindeer ears
Kristina modeling her reindeer ears

What lovely models!


nicole said...

Ha! That's adorable. What a fun tradition for your family. I love traditions too... I think it's such an important part of a unique and happy family. You seem to be adjusting so well to such a dramatic life change. You're amazing.

monicalrobbins said...

This brings me back to my childhood! My dad is German (came over in the 50s). We always celebrated this day and also enjoyed opening the windows of our advent calendars. Looks like the kids are doing great. Oh, I have to ask--is Maggie a shih tzu? We have two of them. They are great dogs. Take care!

Dianah said...

Your kids are really cute! I think that leaving your shoes out make a great tradition. It certainly brings joy to your kids.

Melissa said...

Cute St. Nick shoes and gifts- I wanted to do that too, but I didn't get around to it and Josh doesn't need any more presents from the million he tells me he wants every day! And he didn't know about it so I thought I would try to do it next year.

Bogaranty├║ said...

Oh, I love this tradition! In Hungary we put our shoes in the window, and if they are clean and we were good, St Nick leaves candy... and if you happen to have my parents, he also leaves books.