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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Traditions, part ten

1. I want a cat
2. cupcake maker
3. flute
4. choklit milk
5. wii game
6. litle stft cat (in case Santa doesn't bring a real cat)
7. a ril frig (she wants a college size fridge in her
8. a new stoking (she claims that hers isn't BIG enough)
9. new bakpak
10. srobaere milk (read: strawberry milk)
11. purple sled
12. jumprop

This paper is supposed to only have 10 slots - but Anna added 2 more (clever girl). I like for Anna to make a list for Santa. Not only is it fun for her - but it helps us out! Christmas is one week before Anna's birthday - so now we have 12 potential ideas for both occasions. It's hard for Anna to have her birthday after Christmas - I try to make it as exciting as possible so she won't feel left out.
Anna before her Christmas program at her school. Isn't she beautiful?


Melisa said...

What a pretty dress for a pretty girl!

Dirk and Trish said...

She looks so fancy! Love the list-esp. the added numbers! If you look for a cupcake maker, I've seen a lot of bad reviews on the Girl Gourmet one which is supposed to be one of THE toys of the year.
B-days around holidays are tough. My sister was born on Christmas and Dirk is a Valentine baby, with Lizzie right in between.

glittersmama said...

Is the fridge to store her milk?

Ticklemedana said...

I love glittersmama's comment! and I also love the pics of Keith and kristina inside the wreath! so cute!
Love you...

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

anna sure looks pretty in her christmas dress. is it new? I always loved making christmas list for santa too! I believed in Santa for a long long time...

Dianah said...

Anna is so cute! Looks just like an angle. She's going to break hearts when she's older! Look out, boys! Aaron's birthday is Jan. 3 so I understand how hard it is to have their birthday right after Christmas.

monicalrobbins said...

What a beautiful little girl! My daughters want that cupcake maker, too. They get yon on the refils, though...$12.99 to make 4 cupcakes! I think we'll stick with the kind that go in the big oven! I wished we lived girls would love to play with Anna!

Kathey said...

Not only gorgeous, but so grown up.

Love, Kathey