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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Traditions, part three

The Tall Book of Christmas

My mom grew up with this book and my favorite story is "Granny Glittens and her Amazing Mittens", which is now Anna's favorite story. It's a compilation of several stories, poems, and songs with quaint art throughout the book. It's a tradition of mine to read one story per night during the month of December. Here is a link of this book on Amazon. What Christmas books do you like to read this time of year?


Saquel25 said...

I like to read "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Nothing compares.

Melissa said...

What a fun book- thanks for the idea. This will be our first Christmas here at our own home so I'm looking for fun stories and traditions. We love Polar Express. We tried to read "A Christmas Carol" on year, but it was too long and boring- the movie is much better. I can't believe how grown up Anna looks in that Christmas picture! what a doll!

military mama said...

I love your kids Christmas pictures! They are adorable!