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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beans in the pot

My friend, Angie, gave me the idea to have a pot and when my kids do something nice, they can throw a bean in the pot. When all the beans are in the pot - we do something fun as a family. I think that navy beans are too small - I will go with something BIGGER next time!

Here is Anna modeling the beans in the pot. Isn't she lovely?

We decided to have a "pizza picnic" while watching MULAN. It was really fun!

Do you have any fun ways to motivate your children to do nice things? Do share!


Kathey said...

I made a big mistake with that concept when Helena was little. She got to put beans in the pot for good things, but had to take some out for less than desirable things. She finally got discouraged and dumped the whole thing out.

It's much better to just emphasize the good things like you're doing. Also, you might try getting a smaller pot or jar. ^o^

You are doing such a great job.

Love, K

Melisa said...

Don't use lentils! :)

Steph said...

What a cute idea. Mmmm, who doesn't luuuv a pizza picnic?? What great fun.
I have seem to hit a "motivational wall" myself...I'll have to check back and see what others have to say. :)

military mama said...

What a fun evening at home!

Dianah said...

You do such great things with your family. Where do you come up with such ideas? They are simple and wonderful! Aaron is a little young, but I should be able to change it a bit to accommodate him. Thank you for the idea.

Carrie said...

You know I don't have anything fun that we do. The kids do have a job chart I bought at target. It is magnetic dry erase one. When they get so many of their colored stars there is a place at the bottom where they write in or I decide their reward (with their input) So that is movtivation for them. They usually will put a reward like stay up late, watch a movie, watch cartoons etc...

What a fun movie night picnic...I noticed the little Ceaser's! YUMMY!

Sarah C said...

That is a great idea. Your celebration looks like it was a lot of fun.

nicole said...

How fun! We do that same bean jar idea. I think it originated from the Thomas Jefferson Education book. There are some great ideas in there for families.
I think the idea is that it helps cut down on the competition among the siblings because they're all working toward a common goal. You're a great mom. :)

shannon said...

We have a whole points and priviledge system that has worked wonders for our kids and getting chores going. It may be too much for the younger ones, but I bet Anna would love it.

Something that has been a challenge, but well worth the effort is to motivate good behavior by inspiring them with an experience Jesus had. For example, my kids wouldn't say thank you very much, so we reminded them of the story of the ten lepers and how grateful the one was that actually came back and thanked Jesus. We ask if they want to help make someone feel wonderful by thanking them too.
Stuff like that has not only helped the kids to be more thoughtful but it's amazing how much less frustrating the disciplining is and how much the Lord contributes to the positive outcome of a teaching moment.