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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catch-all post

This is my mountain of laundry. 90% of it is currently put away. Who would have thought that 5 people could dirty this many clothes in one week's time. Amazing.

One moment Keith was here...

A few seconds later he was halfway up the stairs...he can now crawl up the stairs. I know. Wow. There's a video below of him doing it. It's amazing.

I snapped this photo of Anna & Kristina the other night - isn't it sweet? You can't see it, but Anna's right arm is around Kristina. Say it with me: "AWWW!"

Kristina enjoying her scooter:

Keith crawling up the stairs:

Kristina showing some gymnastics moves. In related news, both Anna & Kristina started gymnastics today. Kristina is olympic material, people. She's tiny, she's strong, she's Ukrainian. What more does she need? (besides years and years of training, of course).


Melisa said...

Up stairs?! You are so in trouble. ;)

I'm so glad she is in gymnastics. She is a natural!

Oh, I hear ya on the laundry. It never ends.

RML said...

What a great photo of a week´s laundry! I can SOOOO relate.

Beautiful beautiful kids as usual.


Landlocked Shores said...

J - Keith looks soooo good. It's amazing how healthy he looks now compared to the beginning. I love watching your family grow and change.
Loves - Nicki

sweetpeanme said...

You are too funny! Posting your laundry!! The funniest thing is that's what my laundry pile looks like and its only my husband and I...oh boy! :o)

The kids look great! Its so fun watching them grow and blossom!!

MoonDog said...

wow! look at them go!! they are doing great! it was so fun to see them on the go! I remember when we picked up Ethan in Russia and we stayed in this apartment that had a 2 inch lip between areas of the apartment. He could not figure how to get over it either up or down. Kieth on the stairs reminded me of that. he is gonna be a mover and a shaker! he goes up those steps lickity split! now before you know it he will be into everything!

Krissy said...

thay are so beautiful!!
keep Kristina in gym shes totaly built for it!
im happy to see them home!

Cara and Doug said...

Seriously, do they teach them to turn like that in Ukraine? Hannah can do that too! Hannah has awesome ab muscles(as I'm sure Kristina does too!)! Our two could be on a team together!

nicole said...

Great pics and videos! Loved the pic of the laundary, and the one of Kristina and Anna was too sweet! And how great that Keith is climbing up the stairs!! What a milestone for him! You're a great mom.

shannon said...

Oh Laundry--the mother load! We see a fair amoung at our house as well---never. ends!