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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Resolutions 2009

It's still bizarre to write (or in this case, type) 2009! Am I alone on this? Wow. I feel like the 1990's were just a few months ago...anyhow, tonight for FHE (family home evening - an evening that our family spends together without distractions) we wrote out two resolutions for our family this year:

  • Have family prayer in the morning and evening every day
  • Have FHE every week

Here are some photos from tonight:


MoonDog said...

I liked the FHE idea. We eat dinner together nearly every night, all of us. tonight I realised just how much it means. I wasnt hungry and was grumpy and didnt come to dinner. My youngest was beside herself. she kept coming to me and saying I want you to eat with me. good luck with your resolutions. I usually dont make any.

Sarah C said...

Good for you. I think those are great goals. I would like my family to do that too. Cute pictures.

Carina said...

I should follow your example. We've been terrible about doing FHE...we should get in the habit now before things get too busy. Adorable pictures, by the way!

Diana said...

Resolutions rarely get better than this! Those two things alone will make a huge difference in your famiily!! Because of our therapy schedule, we've moved our lesson portion to Sunday evenings. We get much better quality ones in this way. We still do activities on Monday nights though.

Best wishes as you work to accomplish your goals!