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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random things

When we went to Keith's first feeding specialist appointment, she said that Keith doesn't use his lips to eat. Since then I've been very focused on trying to touch Keith's lips a lot - kissing them, rubbing the, etc. Well, I think it's paying off. He isn't using them to eat with (yet) but he IS giving kisses! He tightens his lips and leans towards yours. PROGRESS!

We are working with Kristina on potty training. Yes, she was potty trained when we adopted her. Yes, it was dumb to put her back in diapers because I read somewhere that I should. Yes, it's frustrating to re-potty train a girl that I can't communicate with to tell her to tell me when she needs to go potty. *sigh* But, we found out that for her rewards she does like to eat DOTS.

Can you guess who doesn't like group photos?


MoonDog said...

the photo is hysterical. angelic little girls and wailing little boy! as for the diapers, she will learn. I was told when we came home from Russia that we should "right away put him on the toilet" he was not even two. I put him in diapers. I thought it would be better for him to let me baby him and take care of him and let me take care of him awhile before making him take care of things. when he was ready to potty he learned just like that(snap). faster than any of the others. If K was trained when she was in Ukraine I bet she will surprise you. How old are the two little ones now? is it crucial to train her right now when she cant communicate? would it make more sense to wait? Good luck with it all. Hope it goes like a breeze!

Diana said...

Supposedly my little one was also potty trained in Ukraine. HA!! I don't think so, folks!!

You absolutely weren't stupid to put Kristina back in diapers. Remember, she is emotionally and developmentally much younger than her chronological age. From one who's been there and done that and wishes I'd done things differently, let her stay in diapers as long as she needs to. You will ultimately be so much further ahead in the long run by letting her regress now and then pick it back up again when she's ready.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have been more patient with Matthew being in diapers. It was very clear very fast that he was using them (more like what goes in them) as weapons of control. It drove me absolutely BATTY!! Plus, those stinkers are expensive!!

But looking back on things, I really wish I wouldn't have pused it. It made the whole ordeal SOOO much harder than it needed to be. My little one finally decided to fully potty train late last summer. Only now is he starting to realize that it's really not a good idea to use his potty stuff as a weapon. But he does still try to use it for manipulation purposes (especially when he's in overwhelming and overstimulating environments - like a store.)

In a nutshell, if she really was potty trained in UA, she'll pick it right back up on her own in a snap when she's ready. And when she does, you'll still reap the benefits of having potty trained her correctly.

So, I'd say encourage, but let it take it's coarse. One thing I did find really helpful though is putting one of those cute potty training books in the bathroom for him to look at while he was doing his business. That was the only time he could look at it (unless, of course, he wanted to snuggle and read it - we never deny that!)

Good luck! Poop is so not fun :-)

Kathey said...

Darling picture. This is my personal favorite of Kristina. :-)

Love, Kathey

Josh and Adrienne McElwain said...

That's such a cute picture! Just a thought on the potty training, I know my parents did the same thing with Fredrick (our youngest adopted), only they put him in pull ups... so that he could go to the toilet but if he had an accident (IE: at church) it didn't cause a big scene.

adoptedthree said...

We did the sign for potty! Easy fast and quick!