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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Therapy sessions continued

Today we took Kristina to her OT assessment. She was already overstimulated just being in the waiting room. *sigh* The occupational therapist said that Kristina qualifies for OT. She also said that she has quite a few strengths in her OT, which was good to hear. (that's my girl!) By the time the assessment was over, Kristina was kicking and screaming. Nice.

This past Tuesday we met with our Attachment Therapist. She said that there are certain attributes or qualities of emotional development which children typically get from a primary caregiver during the first few years of life. This emotional development is the foundation for future learning and relationships. Kristina has as much or more of these qualities than any other child that our therapist has worked with during her many years of therapy. Pretty amazing, eh? She says that Kristina is already making HUGE progress! She has given the green light for us to begin some pre-school activities for Kristina. We are going to have some pre-school teachers come to our home and work with Kristina. I am excited about all the progress that she will be making in the next few months.

After some observation from our attachment therapist and from our reports on Keith, the therapist said that it is clear that Keith was both neglected in the orphanage and physically abused. Whenever we pull Keith away from something he shouldn't be playing with (something that would hurt him, etc) he will throw himself on the floor and begin slapping his face with his hand. Of course this behavior concerns us. The therapist said that children are not born with this type of self-abuse, they learn it from others. I'm guessing that in the orphanage when Keith was perhaps crying or doing something that the workers didn't like - they would slap him. Very, very sad. :o( It makes me want to snuggle him all the more - something I don't have to be forced to do, let me tell you! He is QUITE the snugglebug! :o)


Diana said...

This is actually all really good to hear. Some of it is hard on mom, I know - and it brings out a whole new level of your own grief that you never knew existed - but it is all part of the healing process. Preschool has done wonders for my little one, BTW.

Lou said...

Sounds like they are doing wonderful, Jill! You are doing a great job with them. They have come so far already.

Shea said...

It's makes me furious to think of someone hitting sweet little Keith. He seems like such a sweet little fella. I am so happy though to hear how great Kristina is doing. It sounds like the both of you are such good parents to the kids, and they are doing so well.

Sarah C said...

I am so glad Keith and Kristina have you and Tyler as their parents. You love them and take great care of them. I am sorry Keith was not taken care of before you adopted him. Keith is so cute. He knows you love him. He will be okay.

Melisa said...

Your kids are just so sweet! I'm so grateful they are in such a great situation now!