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Monday, February 16, 2009

Inserts for Kristina

I took Kristina to her OT evaluation yesterday for Pre-k. The therapist noticed that when Kristina stands up that her feet are flat, but when she's sitting down you can see her arches. She said that Kristina is having problems with her feet which make it difficult for her to keep her balance - her legs shift towards each other (it's hard to explain) instead of being straight up and down. Her toes also have a "claw effect" - she curls them under - trying keep herself upright. I just thought that she was just clumsy - poor girl! At least we know what to do to help - get her some shoe inserts. Thank goodness for observant therapists!

We had a meeting with a counselor for Anna this evening. It was nice to hear comments like: "You are doing many things that are right," and "Your kids are really blessed to have you as their parents," and "You're so good looking." Well, she said the first two - who knows about that last one. ;o) Anyhow, we have some great ideas in moving forward with Anna. We're happy. And the tree was happy.

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