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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My 3 little valentines

We had a great Valentine's Day! How was yours?
Funny things to note: Kristina thinks that gown pajamas are fancy dresses. She gets out of bed and takes off her footsie pajamas to put on Anna's gown pajamas. She thinks they are just beautiful! She is so sad when it's time to put on clothes for the day.

Keith can now climb the stairs, go down the stairs, get up on the couch, get off the couch, and he is now crawling more than ever. He usually scoots on his bottom across the floor, but he crawls up the stairs and I think he has realized that crawling can be faster than scooting. Keith has been patching his eye the past few days. I'm surprised at how well he is handling it.
I think I might have Anna go to some counseling. Before we even adopted the twins, she had a low self esteem and would tend to focus on negative things instead of positive things. Since the twins joined our family - it has only increased. Any experience in this?


Amy said...

Hi Jill!
3 cute Valentines you have there!
Good for little Keith - he has come along way in such a short time! I would give Anna a bit more time to adjust.. maybe more just Anna and Mama time... Give her time - she has gone from only child to having to share with not one but TWO children that are taking the attention away from her!

Take care! Hugs! :)

Sarah C said...

Your 3 Valentine's are so adorable. I am glad they all had a fun Valentine's Day. Good luck with Anna. I think she is doing great considering all the changes she is dealing with right now. I am sure you are already doing this, but my suggestion would be to pray about what to do and also to pray for her to adjust well. Good luck.

D said...

I think your kids are cute:) Maybe give counseling a try for Anna. My friends son had trouble adjusting after they moved and the couseling really helped settle him down. I know it's not the same thing but sometimes outside help is needed.