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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weighing in

We took the kids in to see their pediatrician. When we adopted Keith he weighed in at 22 pounds. Now (3 months later) he weighs 25 pounds. Kristina weighed 28 pounds and now weighs 26 pounds. So Keith gained and Kristina lost weight. However, the doctor wants to see more weight gain in Keith, not only Kristina. He also said that there is a noticeable difference in Keith's appearance and an increased level in his attention and engagement, which is great.

Kristina has been spontaneously taking little cat naps during the day. This has made bedtime a bit more difficult, as she isn't as tired. This morning she woke up at 5:15am. So I decided that if I keep her awake all day long that hopefully it will knock out these catnaps and help her go to bed easier. It was hard to keep her awake as she was consistently trying to lay down and sleep off and on throughout the day - but she never got in a nap and went to bed easily, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I am amazed at her affectionate nature. She is constantly coming up to me and snuggling up and hugging and kissing me. She likes to wrap her arms around mine and put her hand up my sleeves to touch my skin and feel close to her Mama. No complaints here. She is a dear little girl.

Keith has a chore in our house now. He pushes the button to open and close the garage door. He loves it and he's quite good at it, too! Keith is also eating (gumming/tolerating) those small melt-in-your-mouth banana cracker snacks. Let's hope it's leading him to solid foods!!! (I hope, I hope!)


nicole said...

I'm so glad to see they're progressing well. They're obviously in very good hands. You're a wonderful and caring mom. xoxo

Sarah C said...

It is so cute that Keith pushes the button for the garage door.