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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pour some sugar on me...

It's lemonade time, baby! With summertime on it's way (I can hope, right?), this award has me dreaming of sunshine and summer vacations! A huge THANK YOU to Nicole, Nancy, & Jennifer for nominating me. I appreciate your encouragement as I try to make lemonade.

Here are 10 nominations for the Lemonade award. To accept this award, post the above picture on your sidebar and nominate another 10 people on your blog!

World's Greatest Mommy? - I met her in college and with her 5 kids and frank humor about life - she adds lemonade to my life. Many of her posts help me poke fun at myself - which is hard to do on my own!

Alabama Apples - friend from college. Her husband is in the Coast Guard. With her husband working and her 3 active boys, she makes lemonade and shares it freely on her blog. She always has a positive attitude - which is contagious!

From My Window - Kathey brings sunshine to others despite her difficult health conditions. Her blog is inspiring with lots of beautiful pictures. Plus she loves me and encourages me, which I appreciate!

Hendren Family - Misti inspires me with fun family ideas and activities and she knows how to host fun parties with amazing recipes and themes!

Keeping up with the Lutz’s - Mamalutz is a wonderful mama to 5 kids and she makes missionary work a huge priority which inspires me to be better and do better!

Our favorite people in our favorite place - My cousin, Karin, has 6 busy kids and works hard to teach them and love on them. Plus I just think she's amazing!

Hangin' With The Millers - Ashley has a lot on her plate with her daughter's surgery and one baby girl on the way! She has a super great attitude about it all.

RedsDirt - Annie has a great attitude and is a super mom to her 3 busy boys. She's been down under and is happy to share spiritual gems she learns along the way. Thanks Annie!

Just Another Day in Paradise: Shannon has been a huge help to me in our adoption process. She helped organize fundraising events and has supported me from the beginning. And she's done all that plus take care of her 5 boys and be a doctor's wife! Amazing!

Stef's Spot: Stef has been having a hard time juggling work, fixing up a house, health issues, keeping up with her adorable daughter and more! And yet, every time I see her she is smiling and plugging along. With so many difficulties in life, one important thing that Stef has taught me is to keep on keepin' on!


Annie said...

Wow! I'm thrilled to win this award... (picture me holding up my lemonade)... I'd like to thank my wonderful husband, my children, and all my fans... really, this makes me want to be a better person! Thanks for thinking of me - it's an honor.

Debora said...

I love the family picture on the blog! annies mom

Steph said...

What a cute post. It is great to have people in your life that bouy you up. (I'm also partial to Alabama Apples myself ;)

World's Greatest Mommy said...

Wow! I'm so thrilled and humbled. I just stocked up on Simply total this made me laugh.

And I think you've got one of the best recipes for "lemonade" out there. I'm always impressed and energized when I read your posts!

shannon said...

It was so sweet of you to think of me. You are one of those who is also very uplifting and helpful. too bad you've already been nominated! ;)