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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Keith had his OT and PT evaluation for in-home pre-school services this morning. He wasn't near as excited about it as Kristina was and fussed whenever the instructors wanted him to do ANYTHING that differed from his agenda. They had him use a walker and he walked 10 steps all by himself! That's my boy! He will receive 1-2 hours per week from the school. I'm looking forward to the progress that he will make and is already making.

Kristina will begin pre-school this week. She is going to go 3x each week for 2 1/2 hours per day. She doesn't know/understand it yet - but has absolutely LOVED going for her evaluations at the school and didn't want to leave. I am hopeful that she will find me as much fun after going to school and coloring all day!


Melisa said...

10 steps!! WOW!

Diana said...

Yeah, school! Especially last year when my Matthew was still 3 years out from Kindergarten, people woudl ask me all the time how I got my Matthew in to preschool so easily. My response then and still is today that it was a gift from a very generous God who knew I desperately needed the break. :-)

One thing to keep in mind with Kristina actually going to the school for services, though, is go slow at first. Our experience, as has been the experience of several other adoptive families that once the kids start actually going, school becomes VERY reminiscent of the orphanage environment. If possible, I'd start her out at two days a week (with a day in between) for a few weeks and then bump her to three after a few weeks. The reason - well, you wrote it yourself in your last sentence.

Keith, on the other hand, will do really well having you all to himself for a little while while his sissies are at school. I bet you'll see a totally different kid emerge.

Winnie said...

That's great about Keith, you'll be pulling him down from the chandiler soon!

Diana has a good point about the preschool thing - one I hadn't considered as my little guy will likely start preschool services in fall.

You will get a nice break too which will help your mental health some as well.

Doorless said...

I am glad for all of you. I would suggest a smaller book bag as heavier bags can lead to back problems.