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Monday, March 23, 2009

Warming up

The weather has been warmer, which means that the kids can be outside! Kristina & Anna frequently go out to play on the swingset. It does my heart good to see Anna bonding with her little sister. They play together a lot more now. Kristina wants desperately to do anything and everything that Anna is doing. She'll ask for Anna during the day (while she's at school) and is so excited when we pick her up after school. They have a special relationship that I hope will only grow as time goes on.

Keith is still obsessed with doors - opening them and swinging them open and shut. Lately he has focused his time on the kitchen cabinets, one cabinet in particular. Now he is lifting himself up into the cabinet and closing the door. You can imagine my panic the first time he did this - when I couldn't see him ANYWHERE in the house, only to discover him open up the cabinet door.

Kristina loves the signing times videos. She comes to me with signs that I didn't learn from the videos, especially the individual letters. Her favorite letter to sign is "a."

Keith has been initiating activity with me more lately. He will scoot over to me, pull himself up to standing and begin playing with me. It's very fun and nearly impossible to resist him when he's in a playful mood.

Kristina is still my snugglebug. If I lay down on the couch or on the bed, she snuggles right up to me, sucks on two of her fingers and loves on me. She is a little angel, sent by God to show His love for me. I am certain of that.


Diana said...

It;s all good stuff to hear! These are the things that make this crazy ride worth it. :-)

Winnie said...

Like your family picture. We need to do that, but quite frankly hubby I always look like we've been on a three day bender by the time we get out of the house with the kids! Kids will look great, we look strung out, go figure.

Carina said...

Such a good, positive post! I'm so glad your kids are getting more and more comfortable with each other and with you, and that they're excited to show you how much they love you =)

Tami said...

So glad to hear the kids are doing so well! :)

Melisa said...

Such cuties!