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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Somehow I began a Girl's Night Out last fall and it's been such fun since then! I usually organize it based on one person: they choose the date and location. This month Sherry chose Applebees for this past Tuesday. (yes, I am that behind in posting). My friend, Nicole, is choosing the next GNO (let us know when you're ready, Nicole!). Here are some pictures from Tuesday:

Left to Right: Mary Ann, Barb, Sarah (private blog), Becky, Jill, Valerie, Melany, Sherry, Katie, Stacey, Ilona, Teresa, & Emily.

Latecomers: Shannon & Natalie.

Mary Ann, Barb, & Sarah.

Becky, Jill, Valerie, & Melany.

Ilona, Teresa, & Emily.

Sherry, Katie, & Stacey.

We even had a bouquet of carnations delivered to us by the waitress. It was such a fun surprise! Thank you, Ladies, for all the friendship and fun you bring to my life!


Charity Brown said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I really appreciate it! Valerie and Sarah are both so great!!! I love how wonderful and easy it is to make such great friends in the church!

Michele said...

It's great to have a girl's night out! If I knew anyone here, I definitely would do that as well.
It looks like so much fun, everyone has such great big smiles!!
Wonderful pictures!


Sarah C said...

That was so much fun!

Carina said...

What a great tradition! I should get to know some people in my area and do the same thing. I'm glad you keep up with your social life =)

Lana Dahle said...

I've been dying to do this in my area. I need a night out like this with friends monthly.
ps- You look great in green!