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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family on the move

It's in the upper 80s today - are you ready for summer? We are excited about our trip to visit TX/OK for my brother's sealing to his bride in the Dallas Temple. The girls had their last gymnastics session tonight until July. They really enjoy it and I think that kids need more exercise than they get from being in school all day. If we decide to homeschool Anna this fall, there will be a time set aside for exercise every day. I don't want for Anna to have weight problems that could be avoided with some time at the ymca track.

Here is a picture from our April GNO at Red Robin:

Jana, Marie, Heather, Sarah, Stefanie, Melany, Heather's friend, Angie, Jill, Dora, & Nicole. Thanks ladies! It was fun!

Big news: we're moving. When? Sometime between October 2009 and January 2010. We have some ideas of where we'd like to go - but we'll just have to see where the Air Force wants us to be! We've loved OH so much and aren't eager to leave our friends, but I feel ready for a new adventure. I like this whole military-move-around-every-4-years thing. It's cool! I will get to meet so many wonderful people everywhere I go! So feel free to come visit us - wherever we'll be!


Dirk and Trish said...

Let me know if it's CO. We just happen to have 3 AF bases and the Academy here... :) Good luck!

Diana said...

Shhh....We're actually hoping for the same thing. Not military but it would be job related. We do know where we'll be if things pan out and it's someplace we'd really like to be. We'll see where the Lord puts us, though. Who knows...maybe He'll leave us right smack where we are. And if he does, that is fine, too.

Alabama Apples said...

Have fun on your vacation! I'm always envious of your fun GNOs! Quite jealous in fact!! :)

I'm also excited for your upcoming move. I always love moving and am looking forward to our move next summer. Can't wait to hear where you're going. How soon will you know where the AF is sending you?

jennifer said...

Aww! I had no idea you guys were up for a move. We will miss you!!

Queen Mother said...

Another vote for CO here..I miss you!