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Saturday, May 09, 2009

I don't speak French

but everytime I hear this song: Ma Nouvelle France, I feel something. Today I found a youtube clip of it by Celine Dion. It's from a French movie. It's a very beautiful song and the video is very touching and seemed to fit my mood for Mother's Day. Below is the English translation of the song.

Ma Nouvelle-France

Translation:My New France

My beautiful love, my beautiful lover
I'm getting to the end of all my torments
Will these few words from the deep of my jail
Reach you someday?

Hold your body against me
Hold me very tight for the last time
Your warm breath is still burning my skin
Like on the first day

You gave me loveIt will be my light
I take it away with me
And when I get too cold
It will warm me under the earth

And you my beautiful girl
I would have only had the time
To show you the word love
When I fly over the wind
When I cross the nothingness
To find myself before the big giant
I will look after you

I gave you birth
Remember your mother
Above all don't forget
That the violences of love
Are equal to the violences of war

Farewell my tender lover
My sweet girl
My two loves
Farewell my beautiful country
Farewell my New France

My New France

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