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Friday, June 26, 2009

Independence Day

So - let's hear your Fourth of July traditions! Do you make a certain meal? Do fireworks? Sing patriotic songs? Any fun crafts for the kids? Go watch fireworks? I am planning ours and want to know how you celebrate our country's birthday!


Steph said...

Picnics and cookouts!!! My fav!! Who doesn't love a good 'ol american cookout to celebrate our country?? So much fun. Throw in some sparklers and poppers and you have a rockin' 4th. :)

Stefanie Wilcox said...

Alan's birthday's on the we party all weekend! There's definitely cheesecake involved, and it's a different flavor every year. This year my brother and his family are coming up from Florida (I'm so excited!)...his in-laws are helping pay for a rental car. The in-laws live in the area too...I don't know which day we get to see them...but it'll be exciting whenever it is!

Mary said...

Definitely a cookout, and I usually make pavlova for dessert:
(pictured there with strawberries and blackberries, but on the 4th I make it with strawberries and blueberries so that it is red, white, and blue).

Also, sparklers! Can't have the 4th of July without some kind of pyrotechnic display, be it fireworks or sparklers. Oh, and I used to go to the 4th of July parade near my grandma's house when I was a kid, which was great fun because all the people on the floats threw candy at the crowd :-)

Carina said...

Growing up, we always had a ward pancake breakfast, and then we'd usually swim and have a BBQ (sometimes my dad's side of the family would come over for this, sometimes not), and then we'd find somewhere to watch the fireworks they did over Corona High School. You can't do your own in CA (risk of wildfires, I guess).

Now that I'm in Utah, I don't have that many traditions anymore. This is only the third one since Cody and I have been married, and the only consistent thing we've done each year is do our own little fireworks (sparklers and whatnot).

This year, I may make pancakes, and we'll probably have Kirsti, Rich, and Brianne come over and play games at some point. Maybe we'll find a pool somewhere and take Joshua swimming--I get the 3rd off of work so we get an extra day to play. The Stadium of Fire show is pretty awesome, but we can't see that from our house now that we live in Orem and plus Joshua will be asleep (it's still weird to me that they can't do fireworks until after 10pm because it stays light that late), so we'll probably get a few of our own and do some in the driveway.

I guess that's it. Wow, that probably wasn't much help to you in planning your own traditions...but let us know what you end up doing!