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Monday, June 22, 2009

Nice day for a white wedding

Hello there. I apologize for my lack of posting. But I really do have a good reason. REALLY! My brother, Evan, married his sweetheart, Shelbee, in the Dallas Temple this past Saturday. I feel priviledged to have been able to fly out and be a part of it all. Below are some pictures.

Evan & Shelbee coming out of the Temple.

Evan & I.

My sister, Jennifer, who is expecting her first baby (a boy) in a month - isn't she adorable?!?!?!

Evan & Shelbee walking around the Temple grounds.

I FINALLY got to meet my brother-in-law, Alex, with his wife and my sister, Rachel. Aren't they a cute couple?

Here I am with MRS. OKLAHOMA 2009, also known as my little/big sister, Heather!

A picture of the bride and me - isn't Shelbee a beautiful bride???

The whole family: Alex & Rachel, Coulter, Willis & Jennifer, Me, Heather & Yury, Uncle Kurt and Aunt Rachel, my Mom, Evan & Shelbee. Got all that??

Me, Jennifer, Rachel, Evan, Heather, & Coulter.

Add the bride in there - what a good looking group!


Alabama Apples said...

How fun to be able to attend! I love getting together for such happy events. Beautiful!

Melisa said...

I am so grateful you got to go! What a blessing to be there for the creation of an eternal family! Hugs to you!

April said...

Oh I am glad to got to officially meet Alex! I love the pictures you and you siblings are so cute and fun. And yes Shelbee does make a beautiful bride!! yeah for white weddings (AKA Temple weddings) Hope you are having a great week!!