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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Grandma's visit!

My Mom came for a week to visit us and we just had a great time!

Here we are at Graeter's - my mom liked the Black Raspberry Chip!

Keith enjoyed Grandma rubbing his back.

A family portrait - this was Grandma's first time to meet Keith & Kristina. Keith didn't want his picture taken, as you can see...

Mom and her 3 grandkids in Ohio!

Eating at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Grandma reading Book of Mormon Stories with Anna.

We had a ward picnic for the Fourth of July. We brought this patriotic fruit pizza and won first place!!! :o)

Kristina loved hearing Grandma play the piano. My Mom and I sang in church. I love singing with my mom.

One of Grandma's favorite books to read with Anna is "The Wolf's Chicken Stew." Grandma even speaks in foreign accents - which makes it more fun to listen to!

We had a game night!

A picture with me & my mommy. Isn't she beautiful? Thanks for coming, Grandma!


Saquel25 said...

I LOVE the Black Raspberry Chip too. Your Mom and me would get on well I'm sure. I'm glad you had a great time. Being with family is the best!

Rachel Teran said...

Mom looks gorgeous in every photo!! She's so fun. Glad she was able to go out!

Melisa said...

How fun! Great job on the fruit pizza!

nicole said...

Your mom is beautiful! I'm so glad you had such a great time with her! We finally got internet access here, so I'm trying to get caught up on blogs. I miss you Jill!!!!

Sarah C said...

Your mom looks like a really fun grandma. I am glad you were able to have some time with her. It looks like you were very busy having fun.