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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vacation to OKLAHOMA!

We took a 10 day trip to Oklahoma to introduce the twins to our family there. Enjoy the pictures!
Dana - we saw this and thought of you, so we took a picture!

Anna swimming at Grammy's & Pa-Pa's house in Bartlesville.

Keith's first time swimming - he loved it!

Kristina's first time swimming - can you see that smile of hers?

The kids had a great time with their cousins!

My mil, Melanie, and sil, Tisha - expecting her 5th baby, a girl!

My mil, Melanie, & I. I am so blessed to have a fantastic mother-in-law!

Keith LOVED playing with his great grandpa Fred!

The girls chatting about the latest gossip! Left to right: Rhonda, Jill, Becky?, Tisha, Grandma Madeline, Melanie.

Our trip to Mazzios Pizza - they have THE BEST salad bar, YUM!

Keith with his cousin, Josiah.

Keith swimming with Pa-Pa.

Anna & Maddie swimming together. Anna did NOT want to leave her cousins in Bartlesville! They had such a fun time together.

I persuaded Melanie & Tisha to join me for a pedicure. Look at our pretty toes! Any guesses on which are mine?

Pa-Pa rocking the kids to sleep.

It was a 12 hour trip to OK - these kids were real troopers on their first road trip!

We drove down to Edmond, OK, where Anna spent a couple of days with her Aunt Alleigh - they have a very special relationship. Alleigh is Anna's favorite person of all time - just ask her!

Keith & Kristina met their Opa and Grandma for the first time.

Because we were in the van more often than usual, the kids would fall asleep at random times.

Kristina sleeps with her mouth open - isn't she adorable?

I want to thank you all for your prayers for my sister, Jennifer, & Willis. They seem to be doing okay. We took them out for dinner at a place called BJ's. Left to right: Shelbee, Evan, Willis, Tyler, Keith, Kristina, Me, Jennifer, Mom, & Coulter.

We realized that the middle row could recline so the kids could sleep without their heads hanging in front of them. Nice.

Tyler worked at Panda Express while we lived in Stillwater. They have the BEST sesame chicken ever. YUM! Left to right: Keith, Tyler, Jill, Kristina, Mom, Evan, & Shelbee.

The twins playing the piano at their great grandma Marty's house.

Anna crying when she had to come back from spending time with her Aunt Alleigh. :o*(

More piano time.

Aw, yes, the big meal with the family. Left to right: Kristina, Tyler, Evan, Shelbee, Grandpa, Mom (hiding behind Coulter), Coulter, Willis, Jennifer, Anna, & Grandma.

Tyler & Coulter.

A rousing game of Settlers of Catan. Evan & I tied for winning - we had to quit early.

Shelbee & Kristina, Keith & Evan - Coincidentally, Evan's middle name is Keith - after our Grandpa McElwain.

Mom, Jennifer, & Willis.

Mom reading "Elbert and the bad word" to Anna.

Our last dinner out with Coulter at Johnny Carinos - Tyler & my favorite Italian restaurant. Coulter is leaving in September to serve a mission in the Dominican Republic.

Anna specifically asked for her great grandma Marty to scoop her some ice cream because she gave her "a lot." :o)

The kids sleeping in the hotel in St. Louis on our drive back to OH.

We had a great time with family, but are also happy to be home again! Home, sweet, home.


Carina said...

What an incredibly full trip...but it looks like you had a great time! You weren't kidding when you said it was to see family. You have a TON of family! No wonder you needed 10 days to see them all! =P

Lilola said...

What a great trip! I love family vacations!
My sil served his mission in the DR and loved it!

Regan said...

Jill, it looks like a vacation of a lifetime. How fun. I love roadtrips! Glad you are back safely.

nicole said...

Wow! What a whirlwind of a trip! Looks like you guys had a blast!! I love the pics of Kristina sleeping with her mouth open... what a doll! And Keith's first time swimming!! How fun.
Oh, and your toes were definitely the orange ones. :)
Miss you! xoxo

mor said...

Jill, it's been ages since I checked your blog, and your family looks SO incredibly happy! The kids are growing and so darling. I'm so glad you ventured out and got to show them off to the family and spend some quality time.....what an adventure. Everyone looks fantastic. (It was fun listening to Mozart as I perused, as well!) Thanks for the update. Kisses & hugs! Love you tons and oodles!

mor said...

Oh....Mor is Mom in Norwegian---my kids know it. (Aunt Kari In case you wondered)

Sarah C said...

Your children look so cute swimming. I love the picture of Keith with his grandpa. I am jealous you ate at Johnny Carinos. Yummy. It looks like you had TONZ of fun with your families. I am so glad they were all able to meet Keith and Kritina. I like your orange pedicure. :) I am glad Jennifer is doing better. You really need a vacation to visit OK. It looks like it was a perfect vacation.

jennifer said...

What a fun trip! I'm so happy you could go and have such a great time!

Cute orange toes! ;)

Ticklemedana said...

I love that you took that picture and I love it even more that you posted it! Yea! and hooray for vacations!

Courtney said...

I wish we'd known you were coming through! We're in the heart of St Louis and it would have been fun to meet up at the zoo or somewhere if you had time. Maybe next time!

Oh, and I didn't even know they still had Mazzio's Pizzas around--I haven't eaten there since I was little!!