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Saturday, August 08, 2009

House status

So we met with 2 realtors: the first one was a flake but the second one we really liked. As we went over our options of selling versus renting, we are thinking that we might rent out this house in Ohio and then most likely rent in Florida. I am interested in living on-base in FL, but when I pray and think about it - it doesn't feel right. So now the hunt begins for a renter and a house for us to rent.

Today hasn't been a shining day for motherhood (for me). Kristina has been wearing Keith's glasses and bending them out of shape - something she's been repeatedly told NOT to do. Yesterday I took the glasses in and had them reshaped. This morning we found Kristina with Keith's glasses - bent out of shape. Again. grrr. Then Kristina found a small pair of scissors and cut a lot of hair off her head - mainly around her forehead and ear area. grrr! Then while Tyler & I were taking a nap, Keith had a blowout diaper and proceeded to scoot around the living room floor and by the stairs. GRRR! Needless to say, my patience is quite low at the moment with the kids. I'm thinking about an early bedtime for the kids and some chinese takeout tonight.


Sarah C said...

I am glad you found a good realtor. Good luck finding a rental in Florida. I am sorry you had a hard day with your kids. Enjoy your Chinese and a nice quiet night.

Queen Mother said...

I think that sounds like a good idea, with your house. Right now isn't a very good time to sell if you bought before when the markets were more inflated.

I have those days with my kids, too. The days when I mutter "serenity now" a whole lot. It's ok, we've all been there!

Angie said...

Hey Jill! Where in Florida are you headed?

Melisa said...

:o( Sorry. That does sound tough! Good luck with the housing stuff.

shannon said...

Renting has been the best thing we ever did for our houe in Ohio. We hve been fortunate to have a good family in there, though. I would recommend getting a property manager if you do rent it out.

Tough times with the kids--been there! I can't ever take a nap the same time as ELdon unless the younger ones are in bed cause the one time I did I awoke to similar loveliness--ours involved all--ALL--of my crystal vases--like 5-6 shattered on the kitchen floor! Gotta love those darn kids anyway! ;)