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Thursday, October 29, 2009

ER trip #2

Today I received a phone call from Kristina's school. They said she had fallen down during recess and hit her head. This is not uncommon for Kristina - falling down, etc. When I went up to see her, I was shocked to see her in such pain. I took her and headed to the ER. 4 hours, a ct scan, and an x-ray later - my brave little girl had no broken bones, thankfully! We think she fell on her head and pulled muscles in her neck/head area. They gave us motrin for the pain. I hope she will recover soon - poor little thing!

Tonight I went to the GNO at an Indian restaurant - it was my first time eating Indian food. The naan bread was fabulous! It was fun trying a new ethnic food. I enjoyed it.


Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

I love indian food!!!! it's my favorite...or one of my favorites anyways.

Hopefully Kristina will feel better soon... i bet that was scary for you and her.

Mary said...

I'm glad Kristina's ok. If she pulled her neck muscles, I can see how much she'd be in pain (I've done it accidentally and it is awful).

Indian food is one of my favorite types of cuisine! Did you get to try saag paneer (spinach with cheese)? It is fabulous and is my favorite. My sister and I always fought over the last cubes of cheese because it was so yummy!

Karin said...

So sorry she got hurt--but I am grateful that she should heal soon. Hugs!!! :)

Kacey & Amy said...

Indian food is the best . I hope that Kristina feels better. PUlled or strained neck muscles make it hard to move without begin in pain.

Sarah C said...

I am sorry Kristina got hurt. I am glad she is ok.