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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My hero

So I've been having some drama printing off some birthday invitations for Anna's 8th birthday. Wal-mart printed them but wouldn't give them to me because they "looked too professional" and that I needed a letterhead stating that it was legal for me to print them. So I heard about Wallgreens and I had them printed there - SUCCESS! :o)

This afternoon I went to all 3 schools of my 3 children and filled out withdrawal forms for our upcoming move. It's nice to have that done. I wonder what their new school(s) will be like in Florida.

This evening my friend, Marie, came over to help Tyler & I pack. What a difference having 3 people packing makes! We got so much done - I appreciate her help! Anyone else want to come have a packing party with us? I have candy! (then again, who doesn't this time of year?) ;o)


nicole said...

What? That's weird about WalMart. It sounds like you're making great progress on your move... good job! Do you get to enjoy any candy yet?

Karin said...

Having people help you in your work makes all the difference! I truly believe the connections we make in life bring the greatest joys!

Shelley said...

Jill, just curious....why are you packing yourself instead of letting the military do it for you???? That is always the best part about moving....watching someone else do the packing!