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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today I decided I was going to venture out of the house. My destination was the BX on-base to do some quick shopping. I took my stylish portable oxygen tank along with me in the van. I wasn't sure if I should take it in the store or not and was trying to think of reasons not to have it with me. Then the thought came to my head, "Pull down your pride and take the oxygen in with you." So, I did. And plenty of people stared at me, which was uncomfortable, but it made me realize how others must feel who have to take oxygen with them. I am not 100% reliant upon oxygen, meaning I don't use it all the time. In fact, since I've been home from the hospital, I have lowered it from 2 liters to 1 liter of oxygen. I use it at night and occasionally throughout the day when I am exerting myself more. I feel that after I lose some more weight that I won't need to use the oxygen during the day. At least, that's the goal. So, I was humbled today and it's not the most pleasant thing to experience - but necessary to growth. I am grateful for inspiration.


Christine said...

Look ahead-- pretty soon you will not need it!

shannon said...

Hey Jill,
I have been away from blog land for a while and just read thelast recent posts since your surgery! I'm so sorry things were not as peachy as we all wish they could've been but look at you fighting it out and being Gosple. Good luck on all the phases of eating! That inspires me to be more careful about how much I eat. It's so easy to become obsessed with food! Hope all goes well! Give Tyler a big high five from me. Being at home with al the kids when you're not used to it is certainly a change of pace and it sounds like he did a great job!

RML- Being More Through Having Less said...

You sound like you are doing great! And it would have been more embarrassing to have collapsed due to lack of oxygen :)