Help outfit Michael, Sarah, and John

Friday, November 27, 2009


I am thankful for the courage that I was able to muster to drive a HUGE moving truck (the biggest size they had) PLUS to tow our pick-up truck behind it on a trailer. After 3 days of driving a big moving truck, I feel much more confident in it, but initially I was scared because I had NO clue as to what I was doing. :o)

Today we met up with my cousin, cousin-in-law, and aunt (and their respective families) for a fabulous and special Thanksgiving feast. Everyone treated us so kindly and we felt very welcome there. I hope that we will be getting together very soon.

After some mishaps with our trucks (don't ask) we FINALLY arrived at our new home around 10pm. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes for our safe arrival, they were much appreciated! We have unpacked a few things (beds) and look forward to the arrival of members of the Elder's Quorum from our new ward here to help us unload the moving trucks tomorrow morning.


Karin said...

We were so happy to see your sweet family! Hugs!!! (and we hope to get together again soon, too!!!) Love you!!

Laurie said...

We are glad to hear that you arrived safely. We wish you the best in your new home. Keep in touch. Our blog address is