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Friday, November 20, 2009

Girl Time

I am grateful for girl time. Last night I went to a NEW MOON party with a bunch of friends. It was way fun! The refreshments, games, and company were delightful! The midnight release of New Moon was great! I am eager to see it again. It was so fun being with other twilighters and enjoying the movie. I am still recovering from the lack of sleep, though. I got home around 3am! Then I woke up around 11am and met some friends at EL TORO for a scrumptious lunch. I can always count on a plethora of girl time when Sarah comes to visit. I feel so spoiled by all our fun activities! What do you do for YOUR girl time?


Anonymous said...

isn't 3-11 eight hours of sleep? :)

Mary said...

I saw New Moon too! What did you think of the movie? I didn't like it as much as Twilight, but I think that's mostly due to the fact that the 2nd book is not as good as the first either. Ah well, at least I had fun seeing it with my friends!