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Friday, November 06, 2009


I am grateful for perseverance. I am grateful for the times that I have persevered, for those who have encouraged me to persevere and for those who inspire me by persevering in their own lives.

My grandmother encouraged me to finish my undergraduate degree and she HIGHLY ENCOURAGED me to attend Oklahoma State University. 10 years later - I was a graduate and I credit my grandma with helping me persevere and get that degree. (Thanks Grandma!)

Watching others persevere also helps me in my own life. One such example is my brother, Coulter. He is now serving a mission in the DR. He worked hard to go on a mission. (Gracias hermano!)

As for myself, I have persevered in several areas of life, such as: losing my step-dad when I was 20 years old, having infertility for the last 7 years, struggling with being morbidly obese for 10 years, and adjusting to becoming a parent to two special needs children. Life is difficult, but we are all warriors. We are children of God and He helps us to persevere through this life to prove ourselves worthy to return to His presence.


Carina said...

This is such a good, thought-provoking post. Thank you for sharing. I'm grateful that you persevere, too, and for the strength that the Lord gives us to overcome our trials! =)

Annie said...

This is such a good quality to have!

Mary said...

You go girl!

Hevel said...

Your grandma was so right!

To many smart LDS women only go to BYU to get their MRS. While it definitely is a priority to become a mother to many, they shouldn't ignore their education!

The Temple dress you wear on the photos is the style my sister still has from before her mission!

nicole said...

This is a great post. You're a strong person Jill. I like the warrior idea... except like you put it, our battles are spiritual in nature.
I love the quote, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." We all have our struggles, but I know that will perseverance and hard work and with the help of the Lord we will all overcome them. I'm grateful for friends like you who make my battles easier through your support and loyalty.

TRAVIS & RESA said...

My hubby served in the DR. He wants to take me back next summer. After all the "interseting" stories he tells me about the place, I am a little nervous to go ; ) But the people he served, he loves and wants me to be a part of that with him. Good luck to your hermano!!!!

Tiffany said...

Hey Jill! I have been catching up on all your news! My cousin is also in the DR. You should ask him if he knows Elder Josh Keeton. My sister served there as well. What is Coulter's last name so I can also ask my cousin if he knows your brother. I hope you are doing well and making it through the move. Just think...the end result, a home on the beach, will be totally worth it. Good luck with your sweet family. I will check on you more regularly! hehe