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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ticket To Ride

I am thankful for the game TICKET TO RIDE which has helped me fill the time that I've been sick today. I woke up with a small fever and still don't feel well. We did manage to move into the hotel and that has been nice. Currently all the kids are asleep and Tyler is listening to the Oklahoma State game on the computer. I was supposed to sing in church tomorrow, but won't be because I am sick. I was looking forward to that. Next Sunday is Stake Conference so tomorrow was my last chance to sing in my ward here in Ohio.

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shannon said...

Ah man! How inconvenient to be sick when you could've been singing. So sorry to hear that--I know I've loved hearing you sing and I miss that! I was asked to sing "Reflection" from Mulan for the halloween party at church---it was so much fun!!