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Friday, December 04, 2009

Cell Phone

So, I am on my third replacement of my shadow 2 phone. It is having problems so they placed an order 2 weeks ago for a new blackberry. I have been excited and anticipating the arrival of this phone. I was told that it would arrive BY today. No such luck. In fact, I called the phone company and not only is not on its way here but it is on backorder. Nice. It wouldn't be so bad if the phone I have right now was working better, such as answering my incoming phone calls and sending out my texts. Is that too much to ask???


Mary said...

"Is that too much to ask???" With cell phone companies, it seems like just about any old thing is too much to ask :-P I hope your new phone gets to you soon!

Carina said...

That really stinks! I hope it doesn't take much longer to get to you!