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Monday, December 14, 2009

Why, yes, our camera does still work

So here are some pictures that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. I can't think of any good reasons why I haven't done them yet. Moving to another house doesn't take up THAT much time, does it?!?

Here are the last two pictures of Keith & Kristina in our house in Ohio. We had packed all of Keith's clothes....just kidding.

Tyler relaxing in our hotel after TONS of loading up stuff onto our moving trucks.

Tyler AFTER I took the previous picture...

Anna with Keithy, all snuggled up. What a cute picture!

Anna & her teacher, Mrs. M.

Anna & her close friend, K., from her class.

Remember when I talked about taking my kids to a local mexican restaurant and how they were angels?? These pictures PROVE it! Although, I'm not certain what Kristina's expression is supposed to mean...that girl has more facial expressions than anyone I know!

In our house in Florida, putting up the Christmas tree!

I absolutely LOVE finding Anna reading books. I am not a reader, but I am THRILLED that Anna is - I think it will make her school years MUCH easier.

We had our friends, Peter & Liz, and their two kids: Sydney & Isaac, come over to make gingerbread houses and cookies. Plus we introduced them to the addicting ebelskivers, YUM! We had a great time!

The kids were really excited about sampling the candy, frosting, & cookies...

Liz & Peter - we knew them when we lived in OH.

I had to catch this picture moment the other day. Kristina has been really into books lately and so I made her a pile of books just for her in her room. She frequently walks with them around the house asking Tyler or myself to read it to her. This particular day, Daddy had just gotten home from work and obliged his daughter with The Cat in the Hat. Anna soon joined them in on the fun.

A few years ago I began doing the St. Nicolas tradition found in Europe where everyone puts their shoes on the porch and St. Nicolas comes by and fills them with candy and toys. The kids were THRILLED with what he left behind this year. And I wasn't upset about the big bag of kitkats that he left for me. ;o)

Me with the kids waiting to get our treats on the porch!


Saquel25 said...

So nice to finally be there and getting settled in. The move is now nothing more than a bunch of pictures that when we look at them make us remember it as being not quite that bad at all! I loved that feeling. So do you have a tenant for you house yet?

Carina said...

You have three of the cutest kids ever, seriously. I can't imagine how busy you've been the last few months--at least it helps with the morale, right? Glad you're having fun as a family!

Karin said...

You are so blessed, Jill!!! Your pics are adorable. I'm so glad that you share your life with us (& I am so excited for Saturday...can it come faster?!?!?!). Hugs!! :)