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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, I decided that it was time to potty train Keith & Kristina. Now I wish that I had set out to potty train ONE of them instead of BOTH of them at the same time. However, both of their school teachers are working with them at school, so it's only half of the day that I get to worry about it...Kristina has done pretty well. She usually can go pee pee easily. I wasn't sure about Keith, whether or not he is mentally able to grasp the idea, but he has successfully gone pee pee in the potty 3x in the past 2 days. I call that progress! He especially loves the "pee pee in the potty" song that I sing when he's on the potty...lately he's been singing along, too. Cute kid.

Have you heard of manatees? I had heard the word but didn't know what they were until recently. Apparently, manatees come to FL in the winter and prefer to be in canals. I guess they like the canal in our neighborhood, because we went and saw some there yesterday. Here is a picture that I found online:

Pretty, isn't it? I personally am enjoying the variety of agriculture and, um, animals, that are here in FL. It's a whole different world from Oklahoma and Ohio, let me assure you!

Last night I went to a game night for Enrichment at church. We played games and got to know each other better. It was fun, but I still felt awkward being new. I hope that feeling will soon pass.

This evening we were invited over to Kara's house for a scrumptious dinner of chicken, rice, asparagus, and homemade strawberry shortcake - YUM! We had a fun time talking and talking of getting together again soon.


Zactly said...

That is so neat about the mannatees. I didn't know they come to FL. Good luck with the potty training. Have a good week.

nicole said...

I LOVE mannatees! They are so gentle and sweet. Isn't it fun to be in a new home and area, and kind of start over? I'm loving it too! Hope you start feeling like you're a part of the ward soon. They are sure lucky to have you there!

Steph said...

How neat that you can look at mannatees in your own neighborhood! What fun! It is fun an exciting experiencing new things in new places.
Good luck with the potty training. It's a rough battle, sometimes but when it's over it's always worth it. :)
I hope that you are able to get comfortable in your new ward soon. Being new is always hard, at least for me. You are such a fun person that I am sure you'll make wonderful friends quickly.