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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yes, well...

I've been sick more often these past 6 months than I've ever been in my life, I think. I attribute it to all the stress from my move and the fact that I weigh more now than I ever have weighed. And when you're overweight and you become sick - it feels like you cannot do anything but rest and heal, at least that's how it is for me. This coming wednesday I will be getting my first adjustment for my lapband and that will start my weight loss journey. As for now, I'm trying to get over this awful sore throat that I currently have. YUCK.

We got the rest of our king sized bedroom set today. I am excited to have a REAL bedroom set where all the wood matches...I like for things to match. It's a monkish obsession, you might say.

For the past month we have not been able to go to a full 3 hour church block. It's been frustrating. We missed two Sundays in December due to driving, and the one Sunday we had in OK I had strep throat, then this past Sunday we went to church and the heater in the building wasn't working so it was 40 degrees inside, so they dismissed us after 20 minutes of church. And NOW I have a horrid sore throat that I've had for 3 days now and Tyler has it, too, so we won't be going tomorrow. Sheesh. This makes it difficult to get to know our ward, doesn't it?!? Hopefully by NEXT Sunday we'll all be healthy. *crossing fingers*


Mary said...

Hang in there! When I weighed my heaviest (last spring) I felt so sluggish and sometimes even walking down the hallway to the dining hall felt like an effort. I'd gained about 15 pounds in a couple of months, and since I'm only 5ft2in, the effects (less energy, exponentially so) felt much greater to me.

I hope you feel better soon! I know how much you and your family enjoy church, and I hope that you'll get to make it next week. Also, good luck with the first lapband adjustment. I'll be cheering (and praying) for you on Wednesday! Your strength throughout everything (surgery, sickness, adoption hurdles, etc.) has been an inspiration to me.

nicole said...

Sorry Jill. :( That must be so frustrating. Hope you feel better soon!!

Drew, ME, Moriah, Daison, Janella, & Dylan Kyler Clerc said...

I just did a wonderful cleanse for my body and feel the best I have felt in a LONG LONG time. You can find it on the internet called the Master Cleanse. I loved every day of it--all 15. I think it would even work with the lap band. Hope you start feeling better, I can really tell that what I eat severly affects how I feel.