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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Company's Coming!

So my mom was here for 2 splendid weeks and then today my sister and her lovely family are coming to stay for a week! I love company! I love spending time with them and being able to really catch up PLUS - my house gets super clean before they come. My husband says that we should have company often so we have the motivation to clean! How true that is. Anyone else experience this?

My husband has been reading this book and recommended that I read it as well. I read the first chapter and find myself already doing better with Iryna. You see, raising a child with FAS requires different parenting styles than raising a child without special needs. At least that is what I found raising Anna and the twins. It's difficult, though. There are times that I want to parent all my kids the same way - but the twins don't do logic. I can have a logic conversation with Anna explaining why it's important to keep your clothes on and she gets it. Iryna, however, takes off her shirt about 4x per day (at least) and just doesn't get it that she shouldn't do that. I know that, with time, things improve. Iryna used to touch/take off Keith's glasses ALL THE TIME. And now? Occassionally she's touch them - like once a month. That is progress, people!

On the agenda for today: laundry, dishes, cooking/baking.


Diana said...

BCLC is, I believe, the most effective parenting pardigm there is. I second Tyler in HIGHLY recommending it...and I also recommend Heather's two follow up books, BCLC vol 2 and her newest one, Dare to Love. The first book lays the foundation, but the other two, the ones she wrote herself, are much easier reads and PACKED full of helpful stuff.

The thing about BCLC is that once you really start to get it, you'll discover it isn't really even a therapeutic parenting model at all. It's a whole shift in thinking and how we view the world. The principles contained in it actually work for everyone.

I've been working at really getting the BCLC thing for a couple of years now. In the process, I've discovered that this way of approaching life and relating to people really is a lot more in line with how our Heavenly Father parents us. The other thing I'm certain you will find immensely helpful is that it will greatly help and motivate you through your own healing journey.

I'm REALLY excited that Heather Forbes is coming to do a Beyond Consequences Live training seminar in SLC next month. We registered the day the event was announced!! We can't wait!! We get so few really good training seminars and services in this area. How awesome is it to finally score one of the best?!

On a completely unrelated note, what does Iryna think of her name change?

Joseph and Kamber said...

Yes, company is the best motivator. How is it that when you have someone company you can clean you house spotless in one day, but if not then it seems like the house can never get/stay clean? An answer I don't think I'll ever figure out.

Dirk and Trish said...

I've heard parenting any 2 children is very different...guess I'll find out soon. I'm sure the specific needs of your younger kids does present its own set of challenges.
We actually try to invite people over just to be sure we'll clean! We have learned though, that we need to mix it up w/ new people so we don't hit a comfort level in which we think "ah, they don't care if we do the dishes..." Have fun w/ your guests! I love having visitors, too!

Drew, ME, Moriah, Daison, Janella, & Dylan Kyler Clerc said...

I like to have lunch bunch at my house just so that my house will get super clean--it never lasts long, but oh how I love it for the few hours before my kids arrive. :)

Aubrey said...

My husband says the same thing about cleaning before company. In fact, he claims that's the only time it gets done but I stick by the idea that it's just the only time he notices because he wants to impress people. ;) Have fun with your family.

Milena said...

When we clean the house, our children ask: who is coming? ... :-)