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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heavy reading

One thing that I have learned about through our adoption journey and from reading about orphans in general is that many orphan girls end up in prostitution. In Ukraine, orphans are turned out of their orphanages once they turn 16 years old. Many have no where to go and they end up on the streets. There is a high percentage of the girls that enter the prostitution ring. Some are even sold into it before they turn 16 by corrupt orphanage directors. I recognize that this isn't a happy topic, but I feel drawn to it and don't want to ignore what is happening. My Iryna could have been one of those girls. I'm so grateful that she won't be.

I heard about the following book from my friend, Katie, and have almost finished reading it. I am amazed at what awful things are being done to young girls and how very few law-makers are doing anything to stop it.

I hope that if more people learn about what this book details that more can be done to help these girls and put a stop to this awful practice.

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MoonDog said...

that is what I think of for our beautiful girls as well. if we cant get them home that their future is in prostitution and drugs. sad. and scary. To think that my bright beautiful girls could end up being so mistreated is heartwrenching.