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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pictures from my mommy's visit

The last two weeks have FLOWN by with my mom visiting us here in FL. We've sat around, talked, eaten, ran errands, watched movies, watched FRASIER, gone to Time Out For Women, eaten at The Grand Floridian's Cinderella restaurant in DisneyWorld, gone out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, Chili's, Bahama Breeze, and more, and the kids have definitely enjoyed having Grandma here to visit. Here are some pictures:

Me and my virgin pina colada - yum!

My beautiful mom and I at TOFW.

My friend Emily & I

Sariah & my mom at TOFW - we put together hygiene kits for women at local shelters.

My cousin, Marta, & I

Me and Mariama Kallon - one of the speakers. Read her incredible store here.

My cousin-in-law, Lana.

A picture of my mom, Sariah, & I outside the Cinderella restaurant. DisneyWorld is SUCH a happy place! I can't wait to go back.

Okay, so I went to see Gladys Knight and her SUV choir in Orlando. While we were waiting in line to go inside, I saw this missionary - who happens to be my cousin! What a fun surprise!

Texas Roadhouse...mmm.

Of course we HAD to take my mom to the beach. We all had a great time.

Look at this stud - wow, I am one lucky woman!

I had such a great time with my Mom. I hope she can come back soon to visit again. I love you, mommy!


MoonDog said...

YAY! for mom time!! Hoping to go see mine tomorrow!! Kieth is looking SO grown up these days!! wow!! Does miss Iryna ever stop smiling? they and Anna are so cute!!!

nicole said...

Looks like we both had a great time with our moms recently! Although nothing beats time out for women! I'm sure it was a special bonding time for you. How fun.

Zactly said...

Glad you had such a nice visit with your mom. Sounds like fun times.
have a great day,

Bogaranty├║ said...

Small world! Is served with Sister Kallon on Twmple Square!!! I often wondered where she ended up and what happened to her little brother (or was it her nephew) she was trying to get out of Sierra Leone. Small, small world.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

I love Bahama Breeze!!! I wish there was one in Dayton...or if there is I wish I knew where it was. everytime i'm in Detroit I go to Bahama Breeze! It's the best!

Sarah C said...

That looks like so much fun! I am glad you had a great time with your mom. I love the beach pictures. You look beautiful in the picture at the Cinderella restraunt. I miss playing with your family. I am so glad you were able to have two weeks to play with your mom. I hope she can visit again soon.