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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Do you ever move in a house and organize it and then down the road you decide it isn't organized efficiently and so you switch things around? That's what I've been doing lately with the linen closet, office, and the pantry. It feels good to get things more efficiently organized, doesn't it? I certainly think so.

So I was brushing Keithy's teeth the other day and I noticed that one of his front bottom teeth was gone. ??? Um...I guess he swallowed it or something...I had no clue that it was loose and then it was out. Wild. Since he has been chewing foods - I'm still on cloud nine over that alone - his gums have been retracting, which is a good thing. Since he never chewed - his gums were still covering the sides of his back teeth so that you could only see his teeth on the bottom. Weird, I know.

Anna is interested in picking up soccer. I think she'd do well at it and I like how much running is involved. I think that kids need more exercise than they get at school. Does anyone know when "soccer season" is? Since FL is warm yearround, I'm wondering if sports are yearround, too?

I am super excited about our company coming in to town next week. The Lin family is flying here from Taiwan to visit us for 5 days. I think that this is HEN HAO and I'm super excited to see them! Tyler baptized the whole family (parents and 2 boys) while he served there back in 1998-2000. Since their baptism, both boys have served missions (Taiwan and Washington D.C.) and their family has been sealed in the Taipei Temple. In 2004, Tyler & I took a 2 week trip to see them (it was Tyler's graduation present from us) and it was a wonderful vacation! They took us all over Taiwan and even up to another island called PENG-HU. We were able to visit the Temple and spend lots of time together. They are a very dear family to us and we are THRILLED to see them next week. The boys speak English, and Br. Lin speaks some English...but Sis. Lin - no English! I'm a little rusty on my Mandarin Chinese - I took one year in college - but I'm so excited to see what I remember!


Diana said...

Well, we bought a "fixer upper" of sorts that still has an unfinished basement. Because of all the work that we've needed (and still need)to do on the place, well over 1/2 our stuff is still in boxes AND those boxes are still sitting in our main living areas. It is SO annoying. I can't wait to get my house organized for the first time! :-)

Soccer season is in full swing here. Generally it's a spring and fall sport. Some places only do it once a year, though. Amanda has played for at least three years and LOVES it. Joseph played two seasons last year, but with therapy and all, we just didn't have the time or money for more than one kid to play this season. That kid that gets to play is Amanda.

Teeth are a big deal at my house. My kids pull them out and hide them when they're stressed out. Nice. Hopefully that isn't what Keith did!

Enjoy your company. Sounds like a neat visit! I'd love to someday meet some of my "people" again. I've never been back to my mission area. My parents went to Brazil in January where my dad served oh, about a hundred years ago. He was able to find and reconnect with one of the young men he baptized. That young man is now a grandpa. He's remained stalwart ever since his baptism. He married in the temple his entire family has remained faithful. He has several RM kids and is working on sending out grandkids now. He's been a bishop 6 times and a stake president 3 times. It was one of the most awesome experiences of his life.

Sarah C said...

You are an inspiration to me. I need to organize my closets. I have had that on my "To Do" list for weeks.
It is strange that Keith's tooth is lost. I guess it's time for his permanent teeth to start coming in.
I am sure Anna will love soccer. Is she still doing T-ball?
Have a great time next week with the Lin Family. It is wonderful that Tyler has been able to keep in good contact with them. I am sure you will have a great week.

nicole said...

Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for you to stay in contact with the Lin family. That is so special! Enjoy your time with them. I know how much you love visitors!

Bogaranty├║ said...

Wow, your husband served his mission the same time I did! We had sisters on our floor in the MTC who were going to Taipei!