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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday dinner at home

Sunday dinner was a big meal when I was growing up. My favorite meal that we had was crockpot roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, and some sort of dessert - whatever my mom was in the mood to make that day. It was delicious and it took a lot of TIME to make the dinner.

After Tyler and I married, we decided that we wanted to have a nice meal, but not a meal that would take a lot of time to prepare on Sunday. So, I've been trying to prepare parts of the meal on Saturday. It's been working for most of the time. Tonight I thought I'd take some pictures of our family eating dinner on the patio. I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of our house since we moved in, so here are some of the patio, pool, trampoline, yard, etc.

Spaghetti faces!

We are so blessed to have this pool, let me tell you! And we swim in it. Often. Okay, we practically swim in it every day of the week except for Sundays. Come visit us and you can swim, too. :)

I cannot describe how fabulous it is to have a shower OUTSIDE right by the pool! You can rinse off your swimsuit and even wash your hair before going inside! Love this!

Pretty flowers that are in our yard. :)


Carina said...

Awesome! I want to visit someday. Maybe, if we have a reunion in FL before you have to move again, we can stop by =)

Karin said...

Jill-I love Sunday dinner, too! You are too cute! :) We should come visit sometime soon! When is your summer break?

Sarah C said...

I LOVE your house! Your Sunday dinner outside looks wonderful.

Bogaranty├║ said...

Wow, you have a lovely patio/pool!

I know how hectic it can be to fix Sunday dinner, especially when our branch was meeting in the afternoon, so I liked to make simple yet tasty casseroles that i could put together on Saturday and just throw in the oven after church.