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Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Keith

Today is Keith's 6th birthday! I believe that birthdays are to be celebrated! Keith woke up to see what the Balloon fairy had left for him during the night. :D

We had a party for Keith at his school with his classmates and teachers. Here is Keith whining because he couldn't have a 4th glass of milk.

Anna got special permission to come down to the classroom to celebrate with us. :D

Keith with his two classmates (C. & J.) and his sisters, Anna & Iryna.

 Keithy and his teacher, Ms S.

2 parties are better than one, right?? We had another party at home to celebrate! Keith was really fascinated with the fire on the candle. He kept flapping in excitement!

Keith with Iryna and Isaac.

Anna and Sydney

Liz & Peter

Tyler and I - how do you like my new orange glasses?? :D

 Branden, Emily, & Angel.

Keith's birthday present: a new bike! He LOVED his present and spent the next hour pedaling around the house.

A video of Keith on his birthday bike!

And now for some things that Keith is into right now: he loves to eat, eat, and eat! No matter what he is doing - he would rather eat. He is now chewing foods, so he eats just about anything. The foods that he requests are yogurt and milk. Keith loves to be outside. He enjoys swimming and jumping on the trampoline. He is always eager to go "bye-bye". Keith likes to snuggle with his mama right after school - I think it comforts him after a long day. When daddy gets home, Keithy runs up to him and loves on him. He loves his daddy. Keith is learning his colors. He loves to dance. His favorite songs include: The wheels on the bus, Jingle Bells, I love Daddy he loves me (we are a happy family), and If you're happy and you know it. Happy Birthday, Keith - we love you!


glittersmama said...

I am continually amazed at how he has changed from those first pictures. Happy birthday cute boy!

Alabama Apples said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Keith!! I love his smile, he looks so happy with his cupcake and candle. What fun! Love you glasses! I'd love a new, fun pair!

Hevel said...

Happy birthday! :-) Looks like a very fun day!

I guess you are lucky that he loves milk and yogurt - getting some healthy choices into our recently adopted son is a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm amazed at all the accomplishments he has made since becoming a part of your family. He is definitely blessed to have you and Tyler as parents and I'm sure you feel just as blessed to have him in your family.

Carina said...

Happy birthday to sweet little Keith! I too am so amazed at how far he's come. We are so happy to hear that you and your family are doing so well! =)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Happy birthday to Keith! Love the orange glasses!

nicole said...

Aww... I'm glad he had such a special birthday. He sure is blessed to have such a loving family. By the way, I love the glasses... they're so you! And your hair is super cute too!!

Sarah C said...

That looks like a great birthday. Keith is growing up so fast. I am glad he had a fun birthday.