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Friday, June 04, 2010

Date with Tyler

Today was our stake Temple day at the Orlando Temple. Tyler & I signed up to go and then decided that we would drive up last night and make a 2 day date of it! We went to a Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum and stayed in a nice hotel that Tyler booked all by himself (I know!). This morning we got up (early) and had breakfast at Denny's - Tyler LOVES Denny's, I'm more of an IHOP girl, myself - and then went to the Temple.

We did an endowment session at 8am (i know...) and then initiatory at 10am. One of the Temple workers in initiatory was from Peru. I asked her if she could speak in spanish during the ordinance. I felt the holy spirit so strongly. It was amazing!

After the Temple, we ate at Chevy's for lunch - YUM! We stopped at some surfing stores on the way home - Tyler is in the market for a surfboard. We have a fabulous babysitter here in FL. I will be sad when she marries in December and moves to England! WAH!

Right now I'm super tired from our fun date and getting up SUPER early. I need about 10 hours to be fully rested - goes with the territory of being almost 400 pounds. I only got 7 hours last night - so I've been dragging all day today...I hope to get to bed early tonight. Thank goodness tomorrow is a Saturday! :D

Here are some pictures from our date:

Our nice hotel room:


Funny mirrors - it was hard to get a good picture.


This chair makes Tyler look so small!

I met a Dahle relative in there. (Dahle relatives are TALL, as you can see)


Thanks for the wonderful date, Tyler! I love you!


glittersmama said...

Where in England is your babysitter moving? Maybe she wants to be my babysitter...

Landlocked Shores said...

I'm sorry... Is Robert Wadlow really a Dahle relative???? He is MY Relative!!!!!! Are we related way back?

nicole said...

How fun! Such a great way to reconnect. We went there on our honeymoon. :) Looks like you guys had a blast!

Carina said...

How FUN! I'm glad you had such a great trip! Good for you for making sure you take time out for your marriage :)

Sarah C said...

You and Tyler are the world's cutest couple! I am glad you two were able to get away and have a weekend date.