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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Storage

One of the things that my church teaches about is being prepared for natural disasters. I really enjoy storing food, water, and other toiletries for my family. It's something that I get excited about, actually. One of the things that I enjoy about couponing is being able to afford extra items to store away for a rainy day. Here are two of my favorite couponing sites:

Money Saving Mom
Nicoles Nickels

I used to think that only natural disasters would cause us to use our food storage, but in this uncertain global economy - many people are already needing to use theirs.

Since we are in FL and near the beach, it means that I cannot keep my canned foods in the garage because of the salty air - which is forcing me to become creative in my organization!

What is your system for food storage? Do you buy extra each month or do you purchase a whole bunch at a time? Where do you store yours?


Christy and Kevin said...

Hi Jill,
I buy our food storage a little at a time. Like every time we go to the grocery store I will pick up just a few things extra to rotate our stock at home. We are using the utility room and a spare room to store our goods.

nicole said...

Good for you Jill! That's great that you're so prepared. And with all the hurricaines in FL it's wise of you to listen to the counsel of our leaders. Plus, I know how you love organization, so it's no surprise that it comes easily to you! You're awesome. :)

Diana said...

Mine is currently still in boxes in the middle of my kitchen from when we moved last fall. UGH! I can't find anything. Hopefully within the next few weeks we will be able to get a room for it finished in our basement so I can finally get it out of my kitchen and get it organized. That is one big advantage to living in Utah. Everyone has food storage rooms built into their homes and most of the homes have basements because it is so dry here.

When we lived in Seattle, though, we stored it anywhwere we could find a spot - master bedroom closet, under the spare bathroom sink, under beds, etc.

How do we stock up? We've used our child tax credits for some and my parents give each of us an alottment for "Christmas" aka about October each year and we all hit the case lot sales together. Lots of fun and a big blessing to boot!

Melissa said...

This is my dilemma right now...I'll pick your brain next week for ideas.