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Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween GNO Party!

Tips for having a successful Halloween Party:
#1. Be married to Tyler Pierce. This is a MUST, people. He is amazingly helpful to me in my organizations. He took off work on Wednesday JUST SO he could help me get the house ready for the party. Like I said, the guy is amazing.
#2. Having children who love to help. Anna helped me clean, organize, AND fill up the goody bags for those who attended the party. Keith & Iryna helped by staying busy and not messing up what had been cleaned. ;)
#3. Have great friends who know how to have good, clean fun. 19 girls attended the Halloween Party and we had SUCH a fun time talking, eating, and even latin dancing (who knew?!) until 10pm. It was super fun! Check out the pictures!

Sarah V in her adorable WITCH costume.

Soi and her daughter, Chelsea

Liz, Shelly, Aubrey, & Sariah - cute costumes, eh? So fun!

Amanda, Jessica, Melissa, Barbara, & Michelle - chatting it up. We need our time to talk!

Barbara, Michelle, Rachel (Michelle's daughter), and Fran

Some of the spread. In case you're wondering...I made 5 recipes: here, here, here, here, & here.

Sarah V and I - I was a nurse, fitting since I just finished CNA school!

I don't know how it got started...but latin dancing began to occur...

Yeah...that's me...I somehow got roped into dancing merengue...

Did you all even know that I can dance merengue?? 

It was a LOT of fun and great exercise...I lasted ONE song! ha ha!

Susanna & Michelle

Group photo: Shelly, Amanda, Emily, Barbara, Me, Chelsea, Soi, Sarah, Jessica, Susanna, Aubrey, Melissa, Vanessa, Sariah, & Liz. Thanks for the great night ladies!!!!

Some pictures of the house afterwards...

It was a lot of fun! Don't you wise that YOU had come, too??


Alabama Apples said...

It totally looked like a blast!! I am definitely missing my friends here...not much in the way of GNO around here. Hopefully when I get to know the girls more?

Fabulous recipes! They looked way yummo! :)

Mary said...

That looks like so much fun! Love the dancing pics - Latin dancing is something I've always wanted to try, but I've felt intimidated by the fact that *ahem* I tend to be rather klutzy on the dance floor :-)