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Monday, October 25, 2010

Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel

Yesterday morning at church, we sang this song. I don't know if Keith had heard it before, but I noticed that last night he was humming what sounded like Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel. This isn't the first time I have observed Keith's musical ability. I know that he has rhythm as he claps right on the beat during songs we sing. Now I am noticing that he can sing on key as well. I thought I would get some on video. He sings quietly, so I hope you can hear it. Enjoy.




Carrie said...

Keith is just adorable!! He has really come a long way. It was fun to watch the videos...they brought a smile to my face. You are a wonderful mother!!

LIN said...

Adorable!!!!!He is just amazing.
I remember reading on your blog that he had to learn to chew. This is something we are still struggling with, with one of our boys and I would love any ideas you might have.

Annie said...

He's such a sweet boy!

Jill said...

Hi Lin! Thanks for your comment. When we adopted Keith in 2008, he had been fed pureed food his entire 4 1/2 years of life. When we brought him home, we took him to a feeding specialist and they did a barium swallow to see if there was anything physical preventing him from swallowing - there was nothing wrong. Then we kept taking him to speech where she would work with him on oral skills. I remember her getting a nubby-looking toothbrush thingy (not sure on actual name) and using it to feed him baby food. She would rub the toothbrush on his gums and other areas of his mouth to help him realize that they were there. After a year and a half of having him home and going to therapy, he started chewing. It was a miracle!!!!!

Brianne said...

That's so great! He probably has learned a lot from his mommy, you with that beautiful singing voice =)

Mary said...

Awww what a cutie!