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Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday

What are you doing today? Did you get up at some insane time to go buy Christmas gifts? I'm an online shopper, myself. Being the day after Thanksgiving, our tradition is to take down the Thanksgiving/Fall decorations and put up the Christmas decorations! Christmas music is a must. We have an artificial tree. I like to decorate my tree with white lights and red and gold ornaments.

Some of my favorite Christmas music includes: Mannheim Steamroller, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Johnny Mathis, Harry Connick Jr, Kathleen Battle, Josh Groban, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Bing Crosby (but not in excess...I think he's overplayed), Liberace, Glenn Miller, The Chipmunks (both the kids and I enjoy it. Really), IL DIVO, Kenny G, The Nutcracker, Jingle Cats (my brother's influence...), Bob Gerresti.

This year, I am adding Orla Fallon to my Christmas music collection. Tyler introduced me to her and I love her voice. Do you have any other suggestions for me??


Carina said...

No shopping for me today! I hate the crowds. Haven't looked online yet, either...but I'm sure I will eventually! I like the idea of decorating for Christmas today. Maybe once Cody wakes up (he worked last night so he's sleeping) we'll start getting the boxes out of the garage.

I love your Christmas music list. I would only add two things: Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the Carpenters. Have fun decorating today!

Hevel said...

Being Jewish... no Christmas shopping for me. As Chanukah is like 5 days away we are already done with shopping for that. :D I just have to clean up after Thanksgiving that my Americans always trick me into celebrating. Good thing Fridays are weekend around here.

Michael Ballam has a most excellent Christmas album. I believe it can be downloaded/ordered through Deseret Book. He has several listed on his website, my RM brother loves the one "Christmas with Joseph and Emma". Straight No Chaser also have a great one, if you like a capella. I personally didn't like Andrea Bocelli's 2009 Christmas album as much, but my partner loves it.

Monica said...

How about Susan Boyle? I think she has a beautiful voice.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

I love Elvis: Blue Christmas album :) Or Barbara Steisand :)

shannon said...

Trans Siberian is a good one, also The Forgotten Carols, by Michael McLean. There's always the Celtic Christmas which is also cool too. Are you going to have your tree on the spinner thingy this year?

McElwain Pirates said...

I got up and went shopping at 10pm and stayed out til 8am. Then took a 4 hour nap, picked up my girls from my mom, and went back out shopping. :) Then we put up the Christmas Tree, Wrapped presents, and listened to Christmas Carols.

Some of my favorite Christmas traditions are, putting up the tree, singing Christmas Hymns, Making Gingerbread Houses, Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, and waiting on the stairs for pictures before getting to open stockings.