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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas deliveries

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is baking tons of yummy treats and delivering them to neighbors and friends. This year I made the following:

Coconut Pound Cakes
Mini Cheesecakes
Fantasy Fudge
Supreme Sugar Cookies

We packed all the food up in the back of the van, turned on some spongebob squarepants in the dvd player (I opted for Christmas movies, but spongebob won out), and drove around in 42 degree weather (remember, we live in FLORIDA, so of course it's the coldest day ever that we make our deliveries...). Keith was super excited about the deliveries this year. In the past, he has just stayed in the van, but this year he wanted to go up to EVERY door. I put together the plates and Tyler took them and the kids to the door. Keith loved saying, "Merry Christmas!" to everyone. We came home and drank hot chocolate and ate some of the goodies together. I love this tradition.


Mary said...

What a great tradition! I might just have to start that holiday in my family too. I used to know all my neighbors and now I don't anymore, so it would be a great way to meet people. Thanks for sharing!

And now, I'm going to take a moment to be a hardy New Englander:

"42 degree weather (remember, we live in FLORIDA, so of course it's the coldest day ever that we make our deliveries)" <---AAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lol, it got below 42 months ago up here :-) Usually where I live, it gets down to about 0-10 degrees on the coldest days, not including windchill. We regularly get 1-2 feet of snow (sidebar: shoveling snow is my least favorite activity ever). One winter, I spent 4.5 months working and going to school on an organic farm in Vermont. It was -30 degrees Fahrenheit the entire months of January and February and we spent a lot of time outside doing everything from camping, to climbing mountains, to feeding the animals. There was a 100 degree temperature differential between indoors and outdoors! By the time the temps hit the 30's I was waltzing around in a t-shirt because it felt like summer. It also snowed in May. Hoo boy, good times :-P Still, people acclimatize to different temps according to where they live so it must have felt pretty cold to y'all. I envy your warm winters!

Melissa said...

THANK YOU!!! They were sooo yummy! I couldn't get my eyes (and taste buds) off of the fudge.

McElwain Pirates said...

That is one of my very favorite traditions too! When we lived in the city as kids my parents always did this, the entire neighborhood did this! It was fun to try and get everyone's dishes back to them... now that we live 40 minutes outside the city and the nearest house is half a mile away, we don't do it anymore. I really miss it! :) I can't wait til we live closer to other people, but this year we've decided to drive all over Utah and take plates to all our family and friends, we're making a whole day out of it next week :)

Aubrey said...

They were so yummy!! I wasn't home when you guys came by so when I got there I asked Ty what he had and he said 'Birthday Treats' (his birthday is this week) I thought it was cute that he thought they were for just him for his birthday. I convinced him to share though. So good!

Carina said...

I just wanted to "Like" this post. That's all :)

Monica said...

This sounds like such a great tradition! And how nice that Keith is catching on to it. He sounds like such a sweetheart.

Brianne said...

Fantasy Fudge...was that recipe from the back of a Marshmallow Creme jar? =) My mom usually makes that for us at Christmas.

MariaG said...

Very nice tradition. Made the cookies today (daughter is egg-allergic but they turned out just great with EnerG egg subsitute). They are DELICIOUS ... 'love the lemon!!! Thankfully I halved your recipe. I think it must have made 6 or 7 dozen ... and the kids and I were at it for about 5hrs! I am soooo glad to be done. Thanks for sharing the recipe. FINALLY a sugar cookie I love. It will become our family tradition too.
Maria (Canada)

Sarah C said...

I wish I lived in your neighborhood. That ALL looks so yummy! You are so sweet to make treats for your friends. I am sure they loved it.