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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Pictures Part 2

Christmas Eve...Keithy fell asleep early on the couch...isn't he sweet?

After we put the kids to bed, the adults decorated the gingerbread houses. We had the missionaries and Dave, a friend, over for dinner.

The missionaries really liked the skittles...really liked them.

After the dinner and gingerbread houses, we sang some songs around the piano. I was pleasantly surprised to hear various harmonies by the company as we sang - it reminded me of being in OK for Christmas and singing in harmony with all my family. I felt the Spirit and enjoyed hearing the spiritual thought given by the missionaries. It was a memorable Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning! Hello chaos! The kids woke up early to open their stockings - no pictures, because by the time we got up, the insides of the stockings were strewn about the house. We had eggs, little smokies, rolls, and chocolate milk for breakfast. Then we all showered and got in some nicer clothes before opening presents.

As you will see, Keithy is not in any of the opening presents see, he opened a present of an electric car with a remote control and that is ALL he wanted to do. So he just played with that for a couple of hours before we could begin to coax him in to open the rest. :)

Some of my favorite gifts, other than seeing my husband, children, sister (Heather) and niece (Iliana) open their presents, included: a quilt (my mom made the quilt top and I mailed it off to have it quilted and pieced together - it's beautiful! Thanks, Mom!), some tv dinner tables (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Mc), jewelry, decorations for the house, a surround sound system for the tv with speakers we bought using the gift card from Tyler's brother (Travis), a microwave tupperware cover that you put on top of plates when heating food up so it doesn't get food all over the inside of the microwave (Thanks, Tyler!) and I'm sure there are other things, but it's late and I'm tired and can't remember anything else.

Anna got lots of clothes, a karaoke machine, and Littlest Pet Shop stuff, Iryna got a nice doll house from Santa, clothes, and a wii game, and Keith got cars, an airplane, clothes, and a castle. Even Maggie got some squirrel squeaky toys! I enjoyed receiving many Christmas cards/letters from friends and family. Having my sister, Heather, and her daughter, Iliana, here has also made this season nice. I'm so grateful for my family and for my Savior, Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful Christmas!


Alabama Apples said...

Merry Christmas! How fun. I love seeing how other people spend their holidays. We each have our own traditions and it is so fun to see others'!

Sarah C said...

That looks like so much fun! Your gingerbread house is cute. I love the picture of you and Tyler.