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Monday, December 20, 2010

School Christmas Parties

I love Keith & Iryna's class at school. Their teachers are devoted to teaching and loving them. I can't tell you how often they mention how much they love Keith or how sweet Iryna is or what adorable children they are. I feel very blessed to be living here at this time and to be in this school district. Plus, I can see progress that the kids are making, so it's good for them as well.

I went to their Christmas party this past week. Here are some pictures:

I decided to look in on Anna and her class had just started THEIR Christmas party, so I stayed a bit and spent some time with her. I made 2 pans of Easy Mint Brownies (one for each classroom).

I found the girls' cute Christmas shirts at Old Navy. They didn't have any for Keithy, though. Why is that?


Hevel said...

Because he is a boy!

Seriously, why don't stores carry cute boy's shirts?

Carina said...

Apparently Old Navy (and most other stores that sell boy clothing, I've found) think that boys don't like to be festive. I guess boys only like shirts that advertise surfing or skateboarding or some kind of superhero character. Go fig :P

Your kids certainly are adorable, though! Looks like they had fun at their parties!

Sarah C said...

Cute shirts. I am glad all the kids had fun at their school parties.