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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eye appointments all around

Anna had an eye appt todady. The doctor said that her left eye has improved a little bit. He suggested waiting another 2 months to see if there's any more improvement before discussing the eye surgery. Her left eye will completely shut down if nothing improves. Isn't that crazy? Anyhow, Anna is naturally worried about having surgery. We will continue to pray for her eye to improve.

Yesterday, the twins went in to see how their eyes are doing with strabismus. 2 years ago they had surgery to correct their lazy eyes. The doctor said that their eyes look great! Hooray! I was prepared for the idea of having to have another eye surgery for them, since their eye surgeon in OH had said that this was a possibility.

And believe it or not - Iryna's dream has come true. She now qualifies for wearing eyeglasses. Can you believe that?! The very first time I met Iryna she said that she wanted glasses. And now she gets them. How long they will last before she destroys them is another story. ;) Tonight we picked out a pair on Zenni Optical. I don't think that Iryna understood what I meant when we were ordering glasses online, as she was asking where her glasses were an hour later...poor girl. It's going to be hard to wait for them to come in. :(

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Sarah C said...

Hooray! She has been so eager to wear glasses. I love all the glasses your family wears.